Mounting tools quickly and safely

With the FORMAT tool assembly system, you can organise your work preparation in machining professionally. You save time, and can work more precisely and reliably. 

Adapters for all common tool fixtures can be attached to the basic body of the system in a few simple steps. If you use different types of tool fixtures, the adapters can be exchanged within seconds.

The fixtures sit firmly, positively and gently in the adapters. The fixing of the drilling or milling tools in the fixtures is now particularly easy. The use of a torque wrench is recommended to maintain the respective specified tightening forces.

The compact aluminium housing can be securely fastened to the work surface. The adapters can each be pivoted 4 times by 90°, so that different working positions are possible.

The following steel adapters for holding tool fixtures are available: SK 30, SK 40, SK 50, VDI 20, VDI 30, VDI 40, VDI 50, HSK-A 63, HSK-A 100.

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