Optimum geometry

The FORMAT Excellent VHM HPC end mill Uni (2224) with its unequal helix pitch is a particularly efficient and economical hero in universal metalworking.

The unequal pitch of the teeth in combination with the cutting edge preparation ensures a much smoother run and thus optimises the surface finish on the workpiece. Because no skill scoring occurs, a smoother surface can be produced.

In addition to a clean finish, the uneven helix pitch, with 40°/42° degrees, also allows for more efficient production. In contrast to conventional solid carbide end mills, the FORMAT Excellent solid carbide HPC end mill Uni (2224) has 5 to 6 teeth, with larger, polished tooth spaces for increased chip removal.

The optimised tool geometry reduces pressure on the machine and allows vibration-free running, thus a significantly longer tool life can be achieved than with comparable end mills. Together with the higher feed rate, this saves time and in the long run leads to a significant cost reduction in production.

IThe FORMAT Excellent solid carbide end mill is the ideal tool for both peripheral milling and universal metalworking up to 1400 N/mm2. It also produces the best results for trimming and finishing milling, as well as for roughing and grooving operations.

The FORMAT Excellent solid carbide end mill is available in various sizes with cutting edge lengths from 8 to 38 mm and diameters from 3 to 20 mm.

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